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Advanced Results With Advanced Dentistry

Dental technology has progressed exponentially in recent years, and here at Periodontal Associates of Greater Houston, we have placed this cutting-edge technology into our in-house dental laboratory to give you the comfortable, personalized care you expect and deserve. Our dental lab remains at the forefront of dental technology by consistently crafting precise dental treatment plans and delivering care of the highest quality. Our advanced dental technology minimizes treatment invasiveness for more complex procedures, enables comfortable appointments, and helps patients experience less pain and swelling for a faster recovery after an elaborate procedure. Furthermore, our latest technology aids in planning your treatment before procedures are completed to ensure optimal results.

For the last decade, we are proud to be able to serve our greater Houston, TX community with exceptional high-quality care and advanced technology that allows for precise and beautiful results. Our state-of-the-art in-house full mouth dental implant laboratory allows Dr. Friedberg to create temporary and final restorations for our dental implant procedures so our patients never have to be without their brand-new smile once they visit us. Our dental lab also includes our cone beam computed tomography (CBCT scanner), digital x-ray technology, our intraoral camera, and even our periscope. All of which aid Dr. Friedberg in crafting precise, predictable, and lasting results for long-term smiles for you to enjoy!

Our Modern Technology

Being able to offer patients the convenience of our in-house full mouth dental implant laboratory is something we are proud of. While our dental lab allows us to craft the components of personalized treatment plans with ease and on site, it also cuts down on costs for our patients and minimizes treatment time. From braces to full mouth reconstruction, our dental lab houses every tool Dr. Friedberg may need to create the smile of your dreams.

Our most versatile piece of technology are our CT scans and CBCT Scanner as they provide us with 3D high-definition x-rays within seconds to determine patient’s candidacy with specific treatment plans, allows Dr. Friedberg to quickly assess your dental concerns and needs and help with diagnosing so we can get you back to living your best, healthy life! Our intraoral camera is such a helpful dental technology as it captures real-time pictures of your mouth so Dr. Friedberg can show you exactly what we can treat and how, allowing for a more accurate treatment plan for each patient.

Our most modern dental technology is the periscope. This is an incredibly small camera that can examine images of the spaces deep between the teeth and gums. The periscope is compact and doesn’t require the need to fold back or cut out the gums in order to get a precise view of the periodontal pockets and other non-visible areas. Our modern technology is so minimally invasive that your healing process and downtime is quick and manageable. It is with the help of this advanced dental technology that makes our treatment plans so precise and accurate, leaving virtually no room for error. Our in-house dental lab helps us create smiles that are healthy and beautiful!

Convenience Of Advanced Technology

While our state-of-the-art dental lab has many benefits for our patients, it’s also beneficial to Dr. Friedberg and our team. Having an in-house dental lab allows Dr. Friedberg to handle your entire treatment in-house, by himself, from start to finish. With this, we don’t have to rely on an outside lab and Dr. Friedberg can craft your treatment plan the way you and he designed it to be.

Our dental technology also creates accurate and precise results, leaving little to no room for error during treatment procedures. This is vital to Dr. Friedberg as it allows for beautiful and healthy results the first time. Our in-house dental lab plays such a heavy role in our treatment plans to help us craft dream smiles for you!

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