Case Studies

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Case Study 1

In this case study, the patient suffered from major oral health condition. The patient was frustrated not only with appearance of his smile but also with previous experiences he had at other practices. During previous consultations with other Doctors, the patient was told that removable “plates” were his only option. The patient did not know that the All-on-4 ® Technique and Dental Implants were an option until coming to our practice. Once this procedure was performed, not only was Dr. Friedberg and our team able to restore this gentleman’s smile and function in several hours, we were also able to restore his confidence in his smile!

Case Study 2

Lester’s upper denture kept falling out and breaking. He could not eat nor speak comfortably. His wife complained that as a result of his problem, they rarely spent time with friends and family. Using dental implants and the latest dental materials, we were able to give Lester back not only his smile but his ability to eat as well.

Case Study 3

This patient was very concerned about “gum loss”, recession and the overall appearance of her teeth. After discussing her options with the patient, Dr. Friedberg and she determined that the best course of action would be to use white colored filling materials along with a minimally invasive gum grafting procedure, the Pinhole Surgical Technique®.

Case Study 4

Our 71 year old patient came to our office with multiple missing teeth and generalized gum disease. Although her remaining teeth could not be saved, dental implants were used to replace what disease had taken from her. The All on Four technique was used, and new “teeth” were delivered in one day.

Case Study 5

This particular patient was unhappy with the appearance of her teeth. Upon meeting with her during her Consultation, it was discovered that gum loss had contributed to the exposure of the roots of her teeth. This exposure not only made her self conscious of her appearance but also caused her physical discomfort when consuming cold foods and drinks. The Pinhole Surgical Technique®, a minimally invasive gum grafting technique, was used to correct these problems for this patient.

Case Study 6

This patient came to us very frustrated and unhappy that her gums were “uneven”. She had noticed the gum loss over the course of the last couple of years and was unhappy with her smile. Not only was she not confident about her smile but she also experienced some physical discomfort as her teeth became sensitive to cold food and drinks. Dr. Friedberg performed a Gum Graft and the patient was extremely happy about the results and it restored her confidence in her smile.

Case Study 7

Our 34 year old patient arrived at our office with infection and severe “gum disease”. He was in pain and could not eat comfortably. Dental implants and the “All on Four” technique have allowed him to eat comfortably again.

Case Study 8

Our patient previously had “gum grafts” performed. She was unhappy with the outcome. She complained that she could not eat cold foods and did not like the appearance of her teeth. Pinhole surgery was performed on both the upper and lower arches.

Case Study 9

Our 53 year old male patient had always been unhappy with his smile. Our treatment plan included “gum grafting”, esthetic crown lengthening, and dental implant placement. He was very pleased with his new crowns and smile.

Case Study 10

Patient presented with complaints that the existing fillings “did not look good”, and were sensitive to cold. These filling were removed and the pinhole surgical technique was used to correct the recession.

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