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Going to the dentist can be a stressful experience for many people. But when you visit Dr. Friedberg & Associates, you can expect to receive nothing but first-class care from our experienced, compassionate team. We’ve not only built a solid reputation as one of the leading local periodontists in Houston, Texas, but also offer a variety of other top-notch dental services to meet all kinds of patients’ needs.

Dental Services We Offer

Dr. Friedberg & Associates is the name to know for the following dental services and procedures:


Periodontal disease requires professional help in order to be managed properly, and there’s no one in Houston better suited to help you there than Dr. Friedberg. As a specialist in gum disease with extensive fellowship training and education in periodontics, he and our team can provide you with advanced care and help minimize the disease’s effects on your oral health.


Dr. Friedberg & Associates is also well known for implant dentistry. We offer implant solutions ranging from the exceptional All-on-4®system to more traditional zygomatic implants and dentures, and we’ll work with you to find the most ideal solution for your needs.


Getting a root canal doesn’t have to be as painful as it’s made out to be. In fact, thanks to our continued investments in cutting-edge technology, you may be surprised at how little discomfort you feel during your procedure.

General Dentistry

If you’re just looking for a top-notch experience every time you need a routine checkup and cleaning, we’ve got you covered. From regular maintenance to crowns, bridges, aligners, and more, Dr. Friedberg & Associates can help you maintain great oral health.

Oral Surgery

Are impacted wisdom teeth causing you great pain? Has a problematic tooth not responded well to non-invasive treatment? We can perform some surgical procedures to correct issues such as these.

Where Our Patients Come From

Dr. Friedberg & Associates is based in Houston, TX and regularly sees patients from areas like:

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