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Periodontist in Houston, TX, We Treat Patients Like Family

At our family-owned and -operated dentist office, we at Dr. Friedberg & Associates strive to make every patient we treat feel welcome. Whether you need a periodontist or an associate for other dentistry services, such as root canals, teeth straightening, veneers, and more, we’re ready to give you the best care possible. And as proud residents of Houston, Texas, we’re also happy to care for our community as much as we can. From treating 87% of the area’s disabled veterans and working with local charitable groups like the Houston Food Bank to going out of our way to treat those in need, we love giving back to the city we’re proud to call home.

Dental Services

Dental Implants

Looking for a stunning new smile? Whether you qualify for All-on-4® Dental Implants or are looking for zygomatic implants, our team has you covered.


Periodontal disease can do a number on your oral health without proper care, so we use cutting-edge technology and innovative procedures to protect your gums.


No one wants to hear that they need a root canal, but our endodontist will ensure your procedure is as stress-free and successful as possible.

General Dentistry

Our dental office may be known for specialty services, but we’re also more than happy to offer general dentistry services for adult patients.

Other Dental Services

When it comes to urgent dental care or oral surgery, you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands when you entrust your more pressing needs to our team.
Dr. Rob Friedberg D.M.D.

Meet the Periodontist

For the past decade, Dr. Rob Friedberg has been dedicated to dentistry and periodontology. Dr. Friedberg received his undergraduate education at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, and earned a Doctor of Dental Medicine from the University of Connecticut, where he also completed a three-year residency in periodontology.

The Importance of At-Home Care

Why You Need a Consistent Dental Implant Maintenance Routine

Once you see the beautiful new smile you’ll have after your dental implant procedure, you’ll be on top of the world. Of course, the results of not establishing a good maintenance routine afterward will soon send you crashing back down to earth. Poor hygiene and inconsistent upkeep can cause the area surrounding your implants to develop an infection—and even a small infection can eat away at the bones, causing permanent damage. Dr. Friedberg will work closely with you to develop healthy implant maintenance habits, and his work is also backed by warranty protection that’s valid for as long as you keep regular appointments.

Why Choose Dr. Friedberg & Associates?

Our practice is known for our work in periodontic dentistry, but we also have an endodontist and a general dentist on staff to serve many patients’ needs.
Dr. Friedberg & Associates is committed to staying at the forefront of dental innovation by using the latest technology to achieve the best possible results.
As a private, family-owned and -operated practice, we believe strongly in taking ownership of our work and holding ourselves accountable with every procedure.
Getting top-caliber dental care shouldn’t have to break the bank. That’s why we accept CareCredit and have available third-party financing options.
Our Technology

Our dental practice is as tech-savvy as they come. Our state-of-the-art facility houses some of the latest innovations in dental technology, such as our 3D printer, LANAP® PerioLase® MVP-7™ laser, Core Beam CT (CBCT) scanner, and much more.

All-on-4® Dental Implants

Low bone density used to be a roadblock for those looking to improve their smiles with dental implants. Not anymore! The All-on-4 system, designed specifically to avoid the need for bone grafting, is a highly successful procedure with minimal recovery time and long-lasting results.

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