The Trusted Team for Periodontics in League City, TX  

If you’re looking for a periodontal dentist for diagnosis and treatment, turn to the team at Dr. Friedberg & Associates. Our periodontics specialist can provide care to stop the disease from progressing, keep your gums healthy, and prevent complications. We proudly serve the League City, Texas, area and would be happy to help with all your dental care and gum treatment needs.

Cutting-Edge Periodontics

Dr. Friedberg & Associates offers various periodontal treatments to keep your gums healthy, including the following:

· Pinhole Surgical Technique™, a minimally invasive approach to restore your gum tissue.

· Laser treatment with LANAP®, the only FDA-approved laser treatment for periodontal disease. This treatment preserves healthy gum tissue while targeting harmful bacteria in the gums.

· Crown lengthening to prevent gum disease and tooth decay for patients with gums that can’t support a dental crown.

· Gum grafts for receding gums caused by periodontal disease.

Our gum specialists will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums to provide a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific oral health needs. We consider numerous factors when creating your plan to ensure you receive optimal treatment for your unique case.

Schedule an Appointment With Our Gum Doctor

Dr. Friedberg & Associates specializes in periodontics in the League City, TX, area and offers compassionate care and friendly service. We’ll make you comfortable the moment you walk through our doors. Contact our team to learn more about our comprehensive oral health treatments and periodontal care. Our team would be happy to answer all your questions and schedule your appointment.

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