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Dental Implants

Early Intervention Helps With Treatment Of Failing Dental Implants

Dental implant surgery is an incredibly effective, safe and proven way to replace missing teeth. At J. Robert Friedberg, D.M.D., we regularly place dental implants for patients of all ages. We also have the ability to treat and replace failing dental implants. If you have a dental implant and notice any of these indications of a problem, please call us as soon as possible. Early intervention by a leading periodontist in Houston, TX, like Dr. Friedberg can help you mitigate any issues efficiently and thoroughly.

5 Common Signs Of Dental Implant Failure:

These may be signs of common conditions like peri-implantitis, an inflammation of the gums caused by bacteria build-up similar to what is seen in periodontal disease. Only a highly trained periodontist can give you a diagnosis and help you determine the best treatment plan.

Swollen and uncomfortable gums around a dental implant

Pus coming from between your gums and dental implant

Unusual odor coming from the pocket between your dental implant and soft tissues

A loose dental implant

Bleeding episodes around your dental implant

LAPIP™ Solves Peri-Implantitis Using High-Tech Lasers

If we discover that you have peri-implantitis, there is a comfortable, reliable procedure to address the situation. This procedure is known as LAPIP™ and uses the PerioLase® MVP-7™ handheld laser device that stimulates the growth of bone, removes diseased gum tissues from around the dental implants and encourages reattachment of connective tissues. During LAPIP™, you will be numbed in the affected area.

After treatment, you can expect minimal irritation and inflammation thanks to the speed and gentle nature of the laser. The success rate of LAPIP™ to solve concerns around peri-implantitis is very high.

Contact our office in Houston, TX, for more information about how we treat failing dental implants. Are you worried that there may be something wrong with your dental implants? Contact Dr. Friedberg, your local periodontist in Houston, TX.

Why A Dental Implant May Fail

When you have a dental implant surgically placed in the spot of a missing tooth, you need to consider the dental implant as part of your natural mouth. This means it should be cleaned the same way that you clean your other teeth. The gums around it should also be sanitized as much as you can.

Sometimes, patients forget that dental implants require routine maintenance. They may skip six-month check-ups, or stop flossing between the dental implant and their natural teeth. Over time, this fosters an environment that can facilitate the growth of oral bacteria. If the bacteria begins to breed deep in the periodontal pockets, it can end in peri-implantitis, or inflammation of the connective tissues and gums around the implant.

Another reason for failing dental implants can be an issue with the surgery itself. For instance, a dental implant may not have been originally placed correctly. It may even be irritating the surrounding tissues or bone. When you make Dr. Friedberg your periodontist in Houston, TX, he can determine why you are having challenges, and give you options to make your mouth healthy again.

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