An Experienced Periodontist Treating Patients From Sugar Land, TX

Need professional help managing periodontal disease? A skilled implant dentist to restore your smile? A new dentist for routine checkups and cleanings? Dr. Friedberg & Associates offers all of these services and more for residents of Sugar Land, Texas at our nearby practice in Houston.

Professional Dental Services

Dr. Friedberg & Associates is proud to offer first-class care for residents of Sugar Land. Our available services include:


When it comes to managing periodontal disease, your dentist is going to be your best friend. And you’d be hard-pressed to find a local periodontist with the experience of Dr. Friedberg, who has undergone several years of additional fellowship training and education in periodontics.


You likely already knew that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all dental implant, but even that goes beyond appearances. Every mouth is different, so Dr. Friedberg & Associates offers several types of implants and helps patients find what works best for them. These include:


At Dr. Friedberg & Associates, we strive to give every patient we treat a five-star experience. This is especially true of root canals, a procedure with a bad reputation despite generally good outcomes. Our team will make sure your endodontic procedure goes smoothly without much discomfort.

General Dentistry

Are you simply looking for a change of scenery? No problem—Dr. Friedberg & Associates also offers general dentistry services, such as:

Oral Surgery

While our goal is to use minimally invasive procedures whenever possible, oral surgery is sometimes necessary. And if you choose Dr. Friedberg & Associates for wisdom tooth removal, a tooth extraction, or a jawbone graft, you can rest assured you’re in good hands.

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Your best bet for receiving exceptional care from an expert periodontist is not far from your home in Sugar Land, TX. Contact Dr. Friedberg & Associates today to schedule an appointment.

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