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Performing Minimally Invasive Dental Procedures

Whether your dentistry needs are cosmetic or practical, the team of experts at Dr. Friedberg & Associates can help you achieve the results you desire. Crown lengthening, however, is a dental procedure that can be used for either reason. If you’re simply looking to fix a gummy smile or you’re having difficulty with a dental crown that won’t fit securely, this procedure can be used to correct either situation. And here at our office in Houston,Texas, you can expect to receive minimally invasive treatment using cutting-edge technology.

Crown Lengthening Surgery

Crown lengthening is a periodontal procedure in which the height of the gumline is reduced through the removal of some of the soft tissue (and occasionally bone) in an area. This is to make certain teeth more visible,which can create the appearance the patient wants or expose problematic areas that were previously covered under the gumline. True to its name, this procedure is often used to help dental crowns fit more securely in the mouth.

At Dr. Friedberg & Associates, we’re committed to using the latest advances in modern dental technology to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients. This means you can expect minimal discomfort and stress during your crown lengthening procedure. Our team will also help you understand how best to manage pain, swelling, and any other post-surgical effects that may arise after your dental procedure.

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