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"Bad Past Dental Experiences Didn't Stop Me From Getting My All-On-4 Thanks To Dr. Friedberg!"
"I Smile More Than I Ever Did Before... Thanks To An All-On-4."
"Gum Recession Affected My Quality Of Life, I No Longer Have Sensitivity In My Teeth."
"I Knew That I Came To The Right Place When I Saw My Dental Implant For The First Time."
"Dr. Friedberg Was The Only Dentist Who Actually Tried To Save My Teeth!"
"Dental Issues Run In My Family, Getting An All-On-4 Was Like A Ray Of Sunshine In My Life."
"Trauma To My Mouth Affected My Teeth, A Full Mouth Reconstruction Restored My Smile."
"I'm so happy I've met Dr. Friedberg, we've had nothing but success!"
"I love my dental implants, I'm no longer self conscious of my smile."
"My pinhole surgery solved my tooth sensitivity and gave me a beautiful smile!"
"Fixing my gummy smile helped build my confidence!"
"My dental implants have given me my life back!"
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